Question CPU under performance?? Can't figure out why.

Aug 9, 2019
A bit of backstory I built my pc in summer 2017 so its around 2 years old

i7-7700k with Corsair H100i v2
2x GTX 1080 Strix
Asus Maximus IX HERO mobo
750w EVGA psu
4x Corsair VENGEANCE LED 8g DDR4 modules
3x 7.2krpm harddrives
2x m.2 drives

CPU Stats
4200MHz max 4524 MHz
1.200V max 1.31V
ratio 42x

MEMORY stats
2133 MHz

So at the time of installation of my cpu I put a glob of thermal paste on the processor and pressed it down with the cooler.

I then noticed i had done something wrong with the mounting of the cooler and took it off and remounted it without reapplying thermal paste. I put a small overclock if any at all on the processor. At the time of booting the computer everything was perfectly normal and worked fine so I assumed it was okay and didn't need adjusting.

All temperatures seemed completely okay since I built it idling around 30c and only reaching up to around 72c at high load and that still holds up to this day.

Fast forward about a year and I start to realize that my processor is under performing severely and has been for a WHILE. I get great fps on some games while others struggle. I know for some reason I cant even have chrome open otherwise my fps in Overwatch gets wrecked. Minecraft in particular has completely GARBAGE performance only reaching around 49-63 fps on high settings. I typically run a Minecraft server which my processor should easily be able to handle in the background and trying to play Minecraft while having that running produces a laggy mess.

Recently I just finished building my friends computer and testing it. Her computer has an i5 9600k and an RX 480 and it completely blew my pc out of the water when i tested Minecraft on it. She got roughly 140-160 fps in place where mine would get 40-60.

I really need help with this, I don't know if I got a dud, or need to adjust cooling, or I've somehow burnt out the processor with my tiny OC. I just wanna punch trees in glorious high framerates...
Aug 9, 2019
Have you tried running minecraft with just one GPU, and swap them too to see if it impacts the FPS.

Of course, it'd be running everything at stock for the purpose of trying to troubleshoot.
I haven't tried that, and I will. However I don't believe the issue is with the GPUs because even when applying shaders and other graphical mods fps is barely impacted at all.

Vanilla install, regular world, nothing opened but MC, settings normal not high, and still terrible fps.
Okay, try it with one card at a time. See what happens!

edit: Your system is plenty powerful. It should be rocking that game FPS wise and then some. Something is amiss alright. It should be rocking pretty much any game out there at the mo! TBH
Once you;ve sorted out what is strangling your performance at stock, you might be able to extract a few more FPS with some more clock speed.

Asus mainboards have MCE available...(MultiCore Enhancement, which allows all cores to boost to max turbo if cooling and VRM temps/power budget allows)

If you CPU cooling is adequate, my 7700K easily does 4.5 GHz all core so easily (67C) that I enabled 4.7 GHz as max-all core turbo within Intel's XTU, with temps under control (75C) at default core voltage (1.248 default at max clock speed) Hitting 4.8 GHz was not doable without a core voltage bump, which raised temps to 84C, so I stayed at 4.7 GHz.
Aug 9, 2019
Im having the same issue, games like minecraft and gta I get horrible fps, but Rainbow six I get like 90. I have a Ryzen 5 1500x, It was running very well until recently, and now opening new tabs is slow and my cinebench scores are horrible.