Question CPU undervolting

Aug 5, 2020
[6:43 PM, 8/5/2020] Elie Irani: I have Asus scar II with intel core i7 8750h.

I am having performance issues i some games but to be specific BFV.

I have an rtx 2070, it should deliver the best easily. But at high settings ( dx12 on, ray tracing off) i am playing 60-70 fps and then all of a sudden, it drops to 45.

I heard that undervolting helps.

First of all, my pc crashes really early, at -0.090. I’ve seen people doing it and it should reach ~ -0.120.

Then, i monitored some stats on XTU while gaming ( for each voltage, from -0.020 to -0.080) EDP limit throttle, thermal throttle as well as power throttle are always on.

XTU cpu stress test either fails or crashes for each voltage. I stress tested for 2 hrs and always comeback to my pc crashed or the test stopped.

I don’t know what to do?! What is the problem ?!!

One more thing, msi afterburner stats overlay, showed “Power” which is related to gpu.

I just want some sort of fix. I’ve had 3 different gaming PCs and i’ve always had bad gaming with each one.