Question CPU Upgrade advice from i5-2500k


Feb 12, 2017

I have a i5-2500K that I OC to 4.5Ghz with an aftermarket fan running on a Z68AP-D3 Gigabyte motherboard (16gb ram) and sporting a GeForce GTX 1080. All self-assembled.

I have a feeling that my aged CPU might be becoming a bottleneck - I see amazing posts like this with worse graphic cards and I don't pull the same FPS.

What are some recommendations for upgrading? My main usescases are that are hardware intensive are code compilation (so multi-threaded workload) as well as gaming: Civ, Total War, space sims, and so on.

I appreciate any advice given!

Processor Information:
    CPU Vendor:  GenuineIntel
    CPU Brand:         Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
    CPU Family:  0x6
    CPU Model:  0x2a
    CPU Stepping:  0x7
    CPU Type:  0x0
    Speed:  4500 Mhz
    4 logical processors
    4 physical processors
    HyperThreading:  Unsupported
    FCMOV:  Supported
    SSE2:  Supported
    SSE3:  Supported
    SSSE3:  Supported
    SSE4a:  Unsupported
    SSE41:  Supported
    SSE42:  Supported
    AES:  Supported
    AVX:  Supported
    CMPXCHG16B:  Supported
    LAHF/SAHF:  Supported
    PrefetchW:  Unsupported

Operating System Version:
    Ubuntu 18.10 (64 bit)
    Kernel Name:  Linux
    Kernel Version:  4.18.0-25-generic
    X Server Vendor:  The X.Org Foundation
    X Server Release:  12001000
    X Window Manager:  Compiz
    Steam Runtime Version:  steam-runtime_0.20190711.3

Video Card:
    Driver:  NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2
    Driver Version:  4.6.0 NVIDIA 396.54
    OpenGL Version: 4.6
    Desktop Color Depth: 24 bits per pixel
    Monitor Refresh Rate: 59 Hz
    VendorID:  0x10de
    DeviceID:  0x1b80
    Revision Not Detected
    Number of Monitors:  1
    Number of Logical Video Cards:  1
    Primary Display Resolution:  1920 x 1200
    Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1200
    Primary Display Size: 21.50" x 13.86" (25.55" diag)
                                            54.6cm x 35.2cm (64.9cm diag)
    Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x
    Primary VRAM: 8192 MB
    Supported MSAA Modes:  2x 4x 8x 16x

Sound card:
    Audio device: Realtek ALC889

    RAM:  16023 Mb


I just upgraded from an i5 3570k, to a Ryzen 3600. Difference is more astonishing than i could imagine. For example went from near 90-100% Cpu utillization in Fortnite down to 30%. And went from sporadic fps all over the place, to a solid 144fps........ It also gives you 12 threads for productivity tasks.....


Nov 21, 2014
Seeying that your cpu is a bit old, if right now i'd also recommend the Ryzen 3600(x), aint no need for those 8c 16t, but, if you think you can squeeze about 6-8 months in, i'd wait and see whats coming up next year, thats cuz intel gotta answer the current ryzen 3 threat, specially with this evil amounts of core/thread, whereas intel got stuck with that old rag 14nm process and less cores, AND their dumb decision to release 9 gen 9700k with no hyperthreading hehehehe....

so i expect that whatever comes with the 10th gen HAS to have proper hypertheading across all the 10th gen series and must have competitive price, which suggest you might get away with a 8 core 16 thread, slightly better than a 3600x for its very same pricing.

ofc this is speculation, im waiting to see what intel 10th gen is all about before i move from 4770k, ofc it might be crap like the terrible bad 9th gen, and in that case, ryzen all the way.

but if you cant wait ryzen 3600x and go be happy for like 5 years.

BTW 3600 "x" if you can find it on a decent pricing, on the default currency, say 200 vs 250 bucks on X its not worth it, but when it comes to other regions, the difference becomes minimal

e.g. in here the 3600 is 1.199,00 while the x is 1.299,00, less than 10%, so to me its worth it.
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Sep 3, 2012
Just buy the 3600, use the rest to drop on a better cooler. There is only 1% difference in the X version, its nothing.

I just come over from a 2600k and the 3600 is an amazing chip. Well worth it, later on you can get a better chip, but for the next few years the 3600 will kick butt


I agree with the others, the R5 3600 is a really good upgrade.

I actually upgraded from a Ryzen 7 1700X to a Ryzen 5 3600
(long story short, i thought my 1700X died which is why I bought the 3600 but it actually didn't die after I did later testing and troubleshooting)
and I can feel a difference, performance and responsiveness is really good on the 3600. It even beats the 1700X in multithreaded tests impressively.

Unless you really like the 3600X's RGB cooler, I would grab the 3600 and a good $50 air cooler to pair with it. 3rd Gen Ryzen runs hot overall. Primarily due to much more aggressive boosting algorithms "overclocking" the chip as high as it'll go, and I think the 7nm process is really difficult to transfer heat out of due to how compact the transistors are next to each other.