Cpu usage 100% memory% idle windows 7

TODDYman 2k8

Jan 11, 2010
i have just got my new intel i7 system and it seems to be working fine but when i check cpu usage it it 100% on idle and so is memory. Because of this my cpu temps are higher than they should be. why is it using 100% and how to solve it??


First thing to check is what the CPU is doing at 100%. Open tasak manager (CTLR + ALT + DEL) and go to the process tab. Usually System Idle Process will take up 98/99 of you CPU useage. If you find that some other process is using a lot of processor time then "End the Process" and see it it cures the problem.

System Idle Process is the term used for "your processor is not doing anything" it means exactly what it implies, your processor is just "idling"
98% means it is pretty much just sitting there waiting on you to do something. When you open your task manager, you will see that there are many background processing running all the time in Windows. It is perfectly normal, most of them must be running to support your OS. Among these things are programs like your antivirus, automatic updates, system restore is actively tracking everything you do and creating restore points, scheduled system maintenance programs, many things can cause your memory and processor usage to go up and down even when you "think" the PC is doing nothing. In reality, it is rare that your PC is ever doing absolutely nothing.