Question CPU usage in future.

Feb 11, 2019
Hi, here is my component:
Main: H81M-A
CPU: I7-4790
Cooler: Gammaxx 200T
Case: DEEP cool E-Shield with 2 fans intake, 1 fan behind, 1 fan top
GPU: GTX asus cerberus 1050ti 4gb
Ram: 8gb dual channel 1600MHZ
PSU: seasonic focus 650w plus gold
My question is:
  1. If i turn on turbo boost my while playing game temp of cpu run 75-80 degrees with 33-35% usage, with turn off cpu run 69-70 degress with 40-41% usage so turn off turbo will affect a lot ? Should i turn off ?.Is gammaxx 200T is enough for turbo boost or i must buy Hyper 212x for turboboost?
  2. With my main H81M-A It will run fine for long time with my cpu because i hear that my main can't run long time in future with my chip because my main only 4 pin.