Question CPU usage is all the way to 100% and the gpu is only below 50%

Feb 20, 2019
I've been trying to figure out what causes this problem but its not getting better

So, wjat i have in my pc is:
Cpu: xeon w3550
Gpu: 660 ti
Ram: 16 gb ddr3

Im pretty sure its not a bottleneck as i already checked it somewhere like a bottleneck calculator ..and also the gpu and cpu were together when i bought it .... now that im trying some heavy games.. it cant handle it and the frame rate seriously drops i dont know how much but its obvious because its unplayable. In task manager i can also see that the gpu is only using like a half of it while the cpu is always at 100%.. Ive read online that 660 ti is a great gpu and should be able to handle those kind of games in 1080 p which is my monitor but almost anything except for.moba is too laggy..

It doesnt look like its using all the potential of my gpu but instead it gives all the work in the processor...

Is it my processor or it is something else that causes this problen. Hope you can help me with this thing .. sorry for my bad english, english isnt my first language..