CPU usage started hitting 100% during gameplay

Feb 2, 2019
Processor: i5 6600k @ 3.5ghz
Motherboard: MSI z710a
Memory: 16gb ddr4
OS: windows 10

I was having an issue with a noisy pc fan, and upon closer inspection my psu was running rather loud as well. I replaced the fan and blew out the inside of my pc case with canned air.

When I restarted my pc, the psu was running much more quietly, but now when I try to run pc games (so far I’ve tried the re2 remake and anthem demo), my cpu usage jumps to 100% and stays there until I exit the game. When the game loads my frame rate is slower than I’ve ever seen it. The last time I looked at my cpu usage was a few days ago, and my cpu wasn’t going above 50-60%.

I’ve downloaded hwmonitor and my temps are all sitting at about 30 degrees Celsius. I’ve checked for new drivers and have rebooted, but the problem remains.

Is it possible that my psu now being quieter is actually due to some issue with it that may be causing my cpu issue? If not, does anyone have any suggestions as to troubleshooting I can do?

EDIT: I noticed there was an update for windows 10, so I set that to update and over time my psu has gotten louder again. Also, I’m noticing the cpu usage being abnormally high during normal use as well. Everything feels sluggish. I should also mention that I looked at processes and didnt find anything out of the ordinary. When I’m not running anything, the cpu usage drops down to 2-5%, but as soon as I run something, it spikes.


Sep 22, 2018
reset CMOS to start. run task manager while in game to see what the utilization is on different applications. PSU should not effect the spike in performance but is interesting. make sure you have the latest bios and drivers. the PSU could be going bad but that would change the cpu to 100%