Question Cpu very high usage on Windows 10. Please help?


Nov 29, 2013
Hi, I am trying to get it up and running a 8 year old laptop. It's model no. is HP - G6 1318ax. I haven't used it in last 4 years.

So recently i installed a Windows 10 Pro on it. As soon i installed the windows 10, i updated it's all drivers and windows . But now, i am facing very high cpu usage issue on it. Even opening a software cause the cpu to spike. Opening firefox uses 100 cpu and if i watch a video on Youtube it stay on 60+. If i move my mouse the cpu usage get to 50+ percentage. Sometimes it does stays at the 100 for some time. Sometimes it stays at 80+ percentage while system apps taking all the cpu resources. (Now 6 GB RAM)

System app does always use more cpu usage. Like sysmain, svshost, animal malware executive, system interrupts, system telemetry does takes alot of the cpu usage. It is a fresh install so there are no apps on the laptop just system apps. There is no question of any other softwares hogging it down to high cpu usage.

The laptop does feels very slow. I have tries to run it on safe mode but still the same issue.
I remember, some 4 years ago when i tried to install the Windows 10 on my laptop, there was the similar problem which i have now encountered, the cpu high usage issue. So later soon, i installed the Windows 7 on it.

The laptop works fine on the Windows 7. But when i do try to install windows 7 on it, It does fails at expanding files at 14 percent and shows an error code 80x 80070050. I can install windows 10 on it without issues. I don't know why the windows 7 is not getting installed on my laptop.

I was thinking of buying a key of windows 7 earlier, but if it does get resolved somehow i will buy a windows 10 key.

Please help help me guys to bring the laptop usage down to normal. And please me so that i can install windows 7 on it.