Question CPU Voltage, Frequency and Core Ratio dropping at strees and idle

Mar 27, 2020
Ryzen 5 3600x
2x8Gb Ram G.Skill RipJaws 4 2400Mhz
Biostar X470GTA
850W Seventeam v-force
Latest windows version

Hello People!(sorry about my english)
I've been suffering for months with an irritating problem: my processor is operating irregularly during games, stress and even when idle. I have observed that the voltage drops from where it is up to 0.98V, while the core ratio falls from where it is (~ 40.00x) up to 5.50x! This happens both under stress and in idleness!
The most notable consequence is absurd stutterings. It is worth mentioning that these falls occur for a while, that is, they must last less than 1 second and then everything goes back to normal ... Repeating: I am playing normally when everything suddenly stops for 1s and then the game goes on normally. When there are stutterings in the games, I go to the HWInfo64 monitor and notice that there were drops in frequency, core ratio and often in the core voltage. These same symptoms appear in idle. Oh, CPU temps neve goes above 72°C while gaming since I got a Watercooler, before it used to go up to 80°C (I leave in BRAZIL, RIO DE JANEIRO)...

I have already tried the following measures, in vain:
  • I tried all the power plans;
  • I disabled PowerNow! in the BIOS
  • Disabled CStates in the BIOS
  • Disabled the Core Performance Boost and set a voltage and clock (even though it has a drop in clock and voltage randomly) in the BIOS
  • Disabled the Precision Boost Overdrive in the BIOS;
  • I used the PC without the XMP of the memories (it was 2133Mhz RAM);
  • I disabled the C1 Declaration in the BIOS; - I disabled the DF Cstates in the BIOS;
  • I used the latest chipset on the BIOSTAR page as well as the latest from the AMD page;
  • I updated the BIOS to the latest version according to the BIOSTAR website;
  • I already installed the BIOSTAR GT Racing and selected the PERFORMANCE mode;
  • I disabled the CPB and set the clock and voltage by Ryzen Master;
  • Reinstalled Windows;
  • Performed commands to restore system files in Prompt;
  • Performed system analysis and maintenance commands in Prompt.

None of these attempts solved the problem. The most that happened was the decrease in frequency in which these problems occur, but they continue to happen randomly.
I am using the latest version of AMD's chipset driver and the latest version of Bios, however, I tried even with the previous Bios and the problem remains exactly the same. I also tested this system with another memory kit and the error continued, but on the BIOSTAR website, the motherboard manufacturer, my memories seem to be compatible. I don't have another motherboard to test the processor or a technical center to test it for me, unfortunately ... The same applies to the motherboard. Are there registries in windows that can be modified to try to solve this problem? Or functions in Bios that I can still try to disable? Or is my motherboard defective?


How old is that 850 Watt PSU?

The computer problems you are experiencing suggest, to me anyway, that there is a power problem.

Has your computer ever been opened up for cleaning and reseating all cards, cables, RAM, jumpers, etc.?

Do not make any registry changes. Not likely to help and very likely to make things worse if a mistake or error is made.
Mar 27, 2020
Thank you for your attention.

I cannot tell you with certainty the age of this power supply because I bought it from a colleague of my father ... But I believe that she must be at least 3.5 years old...
You say it seems to be a power supply problem, but the strange thing is this: I bought this kit (ryzen + mobo + ram) 2 months ago and before that I used this same video card and power supply with an i7 7700 , an extremely simple motherboard and 16ram of unknown brand (the green ones) and I had no problem with that ... But let's be honest, the i7 7700 has a TDP of 65w while the R5 3600x (my current cpu) has a tdp 95W, was that extra TDP enough to expose defects in the PSU?

Regarding PC cleaning: I am careful and keep it clean, I guarantee you that it is not in any state of extreme dirt or obvious dirt ... It only has the common dirt that a computer retains after 1 months of use. .. And everything inside it is very organized ... Especially because after buying this KIT I already opened the PC to install the watercooler, LED strips and a SSD nvme and an SSD sata.

What do you suggest me do?