Question CPU voltage shows much higher than what I set it at

Jul 19, 2021
First-time CPU overclocker here. I have a 10600k and MSI Z490-A PRO. I set my core voltage to 1.18 volts in the bios but while I was running cinebench r23, hwmonitor showed my voltage staying at 1.279 volts. .1 volts difference just seems way to high to me for it to just be a sensing error. Also, its running prime96 and reaching 100c in just a few minutes, which I think is a little high for 1.18 volts (I'm using an NH-U12S). Also, I set my clock at 4800 mhz which I feel like would've crashed on 1.18 volts lol, but it's not so.

Does anyone know why my voltage is be so much higher than what I set it at? Thanks :)


LLC. It's voltage added to vcore to help with stability most noobs set it to its highest setting, thinking it'll help, when in reality 50-60% is all thats ever needed. Leaving it on auto can be just as bad as the bios will jack it up higher than needed, just in case.

I'd recommend you return the bios back to factory optimized settings, then go surfing the internet and read up on OC theory 10th Gen, the 10600k etc until you get a good understanding of OC theory and practice, and just what the bios settings do, mean, affect.
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