Feb 16, 2007
thats sounding like ddr2, so yeah youd be replacing ram as well (most) systems today are based on ddr 3. (its keyed differently and not fore/back wards compatible. are you in the usa? do you live near a microcenter? (they have best cpu pricing in store) Are you a gamer (do you either play or want to play games beyond facebook the sims, the old republic, diablo 3....etc.) I'm asking to get an idea on what to suggest.


May 12, 2012
I am new here, and am not trying to steal your thread, but i am having similar problems with my build. I have a new Intel dg43gt MB with a core 2 duo cpu. My power supply is a Corsair VX 550W. My RAM is Nvidia SLI ready 800 fsb DDR2 2Gigs each. My Graphics Card is GeForce 7900gs. I went to the Intel site to look up compatible processors for the dg43gt MB. I see there is a big list and would like to upgrade to a Core 2 Quad processor. Is there any thing in my PC that would have a problem with this new processor?

The reason I would like to do this is when I upgraded my MB and put my old Core 2 Duo processor in with (no compatibility numbers on it) :non: (IE.... 6 years old Intel chip) It now turns on with the PS switch(Not The Front Power Button) for 6 seconds, turns off for about 3 seconds, then comes back on with everything working smooth including all fans,MB has 1 light in the corner, BUT ......... no screen and no beep.
All I get on monitor is an amber screen. When I turn the power on and off, it says "video input no signal" :? :( :(. Tried taking my video card out and use onboard video, But NO. :non:
Here's the million dollar question : If my old pcu is not compatible with this new "upgrade board", Would This Be Causing All Of These Problems? Yes, I put Ceramique 2 by Arctic Silver as ordered by Intel by the directions. Nothing is getting hot at all.
Please help. Anyone. This is so frustrating. :fou: :fou: :fou: