CPU with H Series only ?


Jul 22, 2021
I wanted to buy this - https://www.amazon.in/x/dp/B0BGFJSYGF/ - but my server friend told me not to do so because :

Because this laptop has a poor performance cpu you should buy a laptop with cpu ends with H like i5-11300H

My needs :

running websites using docker - now all development setups are being in docker too - so will need to use docker a lot
almost 0 graphics - I'm not going to be using GIMP etc
LAMP, Django, NodeJS, Go, Rust etc
Visual Studio Code, PhPStorm and PyCharm
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G means processor has an integrated GPU that can handle simple gpu related tasks with ease. Generally they are weaker but can have your work done. H means high performance, so those processor will have more power for only cpu tasks, and will need a dedicated GPU to handle GPU related tasks

this shouldnt really matter, what will bottleneck CPU is thermal design and TDP limit
so a CPU with 35watt TDP set to 25watt TDP (coz of smaller cooler) will run slower even if it has H suffix

that should be the 3rd number 11300 vs 11800, 3 is low TDP, 8 is high TDP, max is 9
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