Question CPU won’t take any overclock at all (i5 6600-k)

Feb 17, 2019
Hey all,

Would love some help here. I just installed an MSI Z170 PC mate to pair with my i5-6600k in order to do some moderate overclocking. I changed the ratios initially to 4.2 and it wouldn’t boot, went super conservative to 3.8 and still no dice. The core clock is 3.5 ghz so with no voltage it should be able to achieve mild OC. I checked that it wasn’t the RAM with xmp and still no dice. I’m totally dumbfounded. My only guess is an outdated bios? I say that because the traditional red display I’ve seen MSI bios is grey. Thanks for any help !

PC Specs

Z170 pc mate
I5 6600-k
2x 8 Gb Corsair ddr4 ram at 2400 mhz
Gtx 1070ti
Evga 750w psu

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