Question CPU wont work with ram and need help please.

Oct 20, 2020
When I put in my amd fx 4300 cpu it runs fine with my 16gb dual channel ram but when I put in my amd fx 6300 my bios say that im running single channel ram but it is still showing that i have 2 ram sticks in the computer. I got a new motherboard to even try and fix the issue and it didnt do anything. I know its not the ram because it works with my old CPU so im assuming its a problem with my new CPU or windows. Im not sure if my CPU is broke or not. Also my task manager shows that 16gb is in the computer but is only using 8gb of it.
sorry yeah not clear 1.7 I would stop but its like anything maybe it will help with just a little but do not blame me if it breaks something but should be fine I would think.
try 1.66 first see any improvement if no then 1.67 and so on on my old board I had to do it the same to get it to work and was fine for many years.