Question CPU-Z auto vcore volt count and manual OC vcore volt - are these the same?

Jul 13, 2019
Hi, I have a generic non-branded PSU and x3440 with GT 360 in the system. Hyper 212LED as the cooler.
I havent overclocked this machine with this generic PSU and I dont dare to.

However, I've noticed that in a stress test at stock 2.53 ghz, CPU-Z shows input vcore voltage as 1.248V. It quickly goes down once I stop the test.
Does this mean If I set manual volt to 1.248V and try Overclocking the processor to a small amount, it will be stable? Since it can already supply 1.248V without OC in stress test.

Or setting manually and auto mode draws different amount of power?

I will get a branded PSU soon, still was wondering about it.


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