CPUID HW Monitor shows 7.08V on +12V


Just got this new Corsair AX650 PSU. Looking at HW Monitor Version 1.19 and its showing about 7.08V on what looks to be like my 12V rail, not sure if this is accurate, supposed to be like this, or if this is even a measurement. Perhaps the voltage changes?


many people are picking up 12V wrong on IVB on enthusiast grade software (as opposed to 'official' software. If it really was 7V you wouldn't know because you wouldn't boot.

don't worry about it, it does make it difficult to know if you are drooping below 12V but if you are not heavily loading your system then its not an issue.
In another thread someone else was reporting:
"+12V is only about 7.9V, and +5V reads as 3.9V. Readings were taken using CPUID HWMonitor and Pirifom Speccy; both give the same values. In BIOS though, the voltage readings appear correct."

Testing further with a multi-meter the same person reported:
"Quick voltage check done while running 3DMark2006. I used an unconnected Molex connector and tested DC volts from ground to the yellow wire while the system was under load. 12V readings are steady between 12.2 and 12.15."


Thanks for the replies. The system runs excellent and I have had zero problems. First boot was yesterday. Under load It worked fine also.

I relied too much on the HW monitor. I rebooted and went into BIOS and my voltages were as follows:

3.3V Rail showed 3.376V
5V Rail showed 5.04V
12V Rail showed 12.192V

Motherboard is a P8Z77-V LX

I guess HW monitor is reporting wrong.
That's good news and Im sure it eases your mind.

HWMonitor and similar programs rely on digital codes for things like voltage and temp readings.
And the database of codes doesn't always match up, especially on newer hardware.
So it's always good practice to double check what the systems own health monitoring system is reporting.