Crackling noises coming from tv


Aug 12, 2011
I have a 19 inch lcd screen that started to make crackling noises while being being simply on. The crackling required no sound to be coming from the tv (e.g. dvd loading screen). I am perhaps too paranoid, but laugh if you must, I just don't know is this tv safe to connect to any pc, I suspect it might short something out, or even at the most oulandish, cause an overdose of magnetic energy.
How old is the 19 inch lcd? Have you used it much? Do you mean your LCD has built in speakers? Or is the crackling actually coming from the LCD itself (with no speakers)?

Crackling can be caused by many things.

Is your LCD old? That can cause crackling. Worn out speakers...etc.

Static. If it's really dry in your room, and or dusty this can cause that.

Your power cable for your LCD. Are there many wires near it?

Just to be safe I wouldn't connect it just yet....