[SOLVED] Crackling/Popping sounds when playing game Lenovo Legion Y700-1060p

Dec 9, 2019
After a while of playing a game, a cracking/popping almost static sort of noise fills the speakers, and this starts lagging the game and my system as a whole. The sound goes away after a while if you leave it but comes back later, the sound goes away when you play through a few videos or open and close windows explorer a few times when in-game, but again comes back later in while.

I have noticed this occurs when playing multiplayer games such as Apex, Dota and PUBG. In other games like The Witcher 3 and Horizon this issue doesn't occur. I tried upgrading my graphics drivers and sound drivers to no avail. Turning on Vsync doesn't help either. I have tried updating windows and updating BIOS too. The laptop is a Lenovo Legion Y700-1060p, and this issue has been plaguing me for a very long time.