Question Crackling/static noises when PC under too much load. With example linked

Oct 17, 2020
Hey guys,

I have a bit of a problem. I upgraded my PC. I upgraded everything except for the PSU. The PSU is really, but really old. Whenever my Task Manager goes on to High Power Usage for multiple things happening at the same time, my Bluetooth headset the Logitech G933 starts making crackling/static noises. The video is linked below this as an example. I thought it was the USB ports at first but I tried every different port and it's not that but then whenever I used my headset with its cable and not bluetooth this problem wouldn't happen anymore. I also tested it with another headset (cable) and the problem didnt occur. So it happens when my headset is on bluetooth. Could this be because of the high power usage it gets whilst having a very old PSU? 6/7 maybe 8 years old.