Question Crash and SSD became RAW

Jun 13, 2021
Please excuse my poor/bad English and let me tell my problem first.

  • PC Crash while gaming (data/apex - that's the only games)
  • Reboot and failure to enter/pass/access Windows
Happened: more than 10 times and the last 3 times is the worst crash, but I am still able to enter into

Windows while the last 3 crashed:

1 of it stuck in diagnostic and repeated here.
1 times I received PXE-E61 error on the screen.
1 times I received "Reboot and select proper Boot device"

Before the recent 3x crash, I manage to enter the system (Windows) and play like normal but need to rebooted several times. I thought that this could be some minor error (at that moment).

Some background story:

I bought and create my PC at a shop, where I choose the parts and the seller installed all the components in Dec 2020. I can't remember well when this happened, after a week buying I guess its start happening (the crash) but not frequently.

MBD - Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite
RAM - DDr4 2x8gb
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB
SSD - XPG Spectrix S40G 256GB
GPU - GTX 1660S (Super)
CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
PSU - 550W

I remember that he installed Windows into the SSD. The recent crashed, the one before the last one, I checked the SSD (during installing new Windows using bootable USB) it shows that the SSD is RAW. Then I format the SSD using CMD and then I installed the Windows in SSD. When all done and manage to enter the Windows, I make a partition for my SSD then the problem occurred again. Crashed during gaming and error - Reboot and select proper boot device.

Again, I go to the Windows installation (bootable USB) and in the selected driver (to be chosen for installing Windows) is shown SSD is RAW (again). I repeat the same process and this time I install Windows on my HDD instead of SDD to prevent this problem from happening again (I hope).

So, why this is happening? Why my SSD crashed and turned to RAW by itself? Hope you guys here can explain this to me about this problem, before I install Windows back to my SDD and make it as my main driver.

Thank you
Oct 16, 2021
ii do have the same problem, the same mobo and same ssd, i dont think its a coincidence, i think its a correlation between the bios firnmware and settings. all brand new PSU corsaircv550
brand and model of the psu?
check ssd health?

because not suppose to crash your pc