Question Crash: GPU stops posting (black screen), fans on max, sound still there.

Oct 7, 2021
Hi guys,

First post on this forum. I am at my wit's end.

My build is now at least seven years old. It is my first. It is (or was, at least) my old reliable. I never had any issues with it, disregarding occasional hiccups which mostly resolved themselves. Also currently I can't afford a new one. Also nostalgia.

To the issue at hand:

My system runs fairly well during high load and I can play even load intense games without any issues. Some games however have it out for my poor little PC. Sometimes my PC crashes mid gaming session, meaning the screen turns black and stops receiving a signal, my fans turn up all the way to the max, but the sound is still committed to the cause and works normally. I have to hard reset the PC to restart, no error messages afterwards.

Excerpt of Games ...

... that are running:

  • Witcher 3 (Settings almost maxed, screw Nvidia Hairworks)
  • Dark Souls
  • Half-Life 2
  • Bioshock (All of them)
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Warframe

... that are running if the planets are aligned (meaning sort of, more often than not they run fine):

  • Warhammer 2
  • Dark Souls II & III
  • Black Mesa (the Half-Life fan rework thing)

... that HATE me (meaning they cause the issue either on startup or at a certain point in the game):

  • Witcher 1 (for some reason o . O' )
  • Guild Wars 2
  • A New World (tried to play the open beta)

How it happened:

The crashes started to happen a couple of months ago (more than a year). First, the PC just would not boot and restart automatically without posting anything. After the restart, it worked fine. I didn't really look into that which was probably a mistake on my side. Then it started working normally again but the crashes mentioned started to happen.

What I did until now:

  • I asked my buddies - which resulted in them saying to update all my drivers and clean out the system from accumulated dust and dead cats. This is always reasonable advice, but sadly it didn't have any positive effects.
  • I did actually update my drivers and cleaned out the dust and dead neighbours.
  • I reinstalled a 'clean' Windows 10 on my SSD's.
  • I removed the graphics card and reapplied the thermal paste. No, I won't tell you in what pattern. This had the effect that my graphics card now runs on average around 3 °C cooler.
  • I checked for my recommended power supply: click
  • I asked Gabe Newell for forgiveness for installing Windows
  • I played around with the overclocking standard profiles in my BIOS, currently my PC is overclocked to the 'Normal OC Profile' included in my BIOS and always has been. Sadly, I do not know what type of voltages and stuff that entails. I am not very familiar with overclocking - don't ask me why I build this system with a board made for overclocking. I was an idiot seven years ago. Who wasn't?

What I did not do until now:

- replace any of the parts. As I said I am poor as a church mouse at the moment.

What I believe could maybe perchance imaginably be perhaps wrong:

  • The graphics card doesn't get enough power from the PSU and locks up, explaining the fans speeding up and sound still working. I don't know if it's the windows power settings or BIOS or whatnot.
  • The GPU or PSU are fubar. If it's the GPU I will immediately leave for Nepal, where I intend to live as a goat.

P.S.: If I did anything wrong or if I am just stupid and illiterate, don't eat me alive. Also, I'm not a native if my English is not to your liking.
P.SS.: I am sorry for using you as tech support, but I need to identify which part is at fault to replace it. I do not have the option to borrow or rent parts willy-nilly, Switzerland is expensive as <Mod Edit>, so if I buy a part I would like to be sure to a certain degree, if possible.

TL;DR: Read title, only happens with certain games, pls HALP.


I don't know what information you all need so here's pretty much everything I could think of:

Motherboard: ASUS R.O.G. Rampage IV Extreme
CPU: Intel Core i7 3970X
GPU: Asus GTX TITAN 6GB GDDR5, PCI-E x16 3.0 (Driver: GeForce Game Ready Driver, Version 472.12)
PSU: Corsair AX1200i
RAM: 8x Corsair DOMINATOR Platinum (4 x 8GB, DDR3-2133, DIMM 240 pin)
PCI-E: ASUS Xonar Essence STX, 7.1

RAID1: 2x Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB (240 GB, 2.5")
RAID0: 4x WD Green (3 TB, 3.5")

2x 140mm Fans (included in case)
Liquid Cooling Kit: Corsair H110

Case: Fractal Define XL R2

Screen: BenQ XL2720T, 3D LED TFTffuckf
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Sep 18, 2015
Hey there! did you ever get this fixed?

I had the same issue on Asus Rampage V, problem existed from when I first purchased my PC in 2015 up until 2019. My solution might be different to yours but what eventually fixed my issues was a motherboard bios update. (you need to be extra careful with this one)