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Question Crash when GPU core voltage reaches 1.05v and clock speed reaches 1800Mhz, GPU or PSU problem?

Jun 28, 2020
Crash when GPU core voltage reaches 1.05v and clock speed reaches 1800Mhz, GPU or PSU problem?


Crash to black screen during heavy gaming. Fans at full speed, I can only shutdown by holding power button.
GPU temperature before crash was at 75c to 81c, CPU at 60c.
CPU and GPU were both near 100% load in every crash, never one of them under utilised.
Other than that nothing seemed out of ordinary.

System specs:

  • Zotac RTX 2060 twin fan
  • I5 3570k
  • Master 650W passive PSU, 18A/16A on 12V rails #1/2
  • 4x4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1 HDD and 2 SSD
  • Win 10 Home edition
What triggers the problem:

  • Metro Exodus on ultra and ray tracing ultra
  • Battlefield V on ultra and tray tracing ultra
How long until crash:

5 to 30 minutes

Things I've tried that did NOT trigger a crash:

  • Destiny 2 on Ultra
  • Overwatch on Ultra
  • 3DMark timespy extreme and ray tracing stress tests
  • Unigine benchmark
  • Furmark stress test
  • OCCT power stress test
  • 3DMark stress test and OCCT CPU stress test running at the same time for an hour
  • Throttling GPU power usage to 95% and run Metro and BFV
  • Under clock GPU by 100mhz and play metro or BFV
Things l learned:

I've used HWINFO to log my test sessions. A very specific pattern emerged from the logs during the seconds leading up to every crash: the GPU would slowly increase core voltage and clock speed by itself (which I think is normal due to nivida boost clock), once voltage reaches 1.05v and clock reaches 1800Mhz, after a few seconds the crash would occur. I've got 3 log files with the same behaviour.

For all the other sessions that didn't crash, either voltage was low, or clock speed was low. In a few instances the voltage and clock speed hit those thresholds as soon as the load came in but quickly ramp down and stayed low. As if the GPU found them unsustainable.

The crash only happens during a long and slow ramp up while CPU is also under relatively high load.

This seems to me is either a GPU or a PSU problem. Not sure which one I should replace first? Or any other troubleshooting advices are much appreciated.
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