Question Crashes and Green Block Artifacts EVGA 2080

Feb 23, 2020
Bear with me, this will be a long one.

Specs: i7 6700k, EVGA RTX 2080, 32GB GSkill 3200mhz, GigaByte Z170X Gaming 7, RM750x

So about a week ago, I was playing World In Conflict and all of sudden my computer just shuts off. Turns out my 980ti just died out of the blue. I pulled it out of my system and it was hot as a nuclear fusion reactor. I let it cool and tried it again but the system wouldn't even power on. That sucks but hey, time for an upgrade I guess, right? I was also worried that maybe it was an issue with my mobo or PSU so I bought new ones. (I replaced the mobo, but the PSU hasn't arrived yet so I used my old one).

I found a great deal on an EVGA RTX 2080 on ebay (yeah, probably bad idea) and went ahead and bought it. It arrived yesterday. I plugged it in, installed new drivers, ran some benchmarks. Everything looks great! Got great scores and thermals were much lower than I expected. So I started playing some games (more World in Conflict and Resident Evil 2 Remake) and it was all great. No problems so far.

I go get some food and come back to start up Metro Exodus and about 30 minutes in, I get a BSOD and hard crash. I don't remember the exact error but it was referencing Nvlddmkm.sys with one of the error codes. I tried the Witcher 3 and it worked for about 3 minutes before another Blue Screen Crash.

I haven't even seen a BSOD in like 10 years. It's never happened with my main system that is 4 and 1/2 years old now. I also have two other self built systems and never had crashes on them either. Now whenever I try to start up my machine with the 2080, it always boots to Windows but 1: I get crazy weird artifacting with green blocks all over the screen like 90% of the time and 2: after a crash the card doesn't seem to respond to the drivers. It's as if they're not there.

When I use DDU to uninstall the Nvidia drivers and then restart, it boots without the artifacts but when I install the latest drivers again, it just doesn't work. Installing the NVidia drivers does nothing. I've tried installing with and without Geforce Experience and its all the same. Even Geforce experience doesn't see the drivers and it tries to re-download and re-install them which also does nothing. When I restart manually, I get the awful green artifacts and sometimes ridiculously pixilated blurry screen to the point where I can't read any text. I've also tried it in my other systems and the problems are consistent.

A couple other things: I reinstalled Windows from scratch (reformatted the drive first) to rule out that issue since some research suggested that the fix for the BSOD referencing Nvlddmkm.sys could be fixed by reinstalling (no luck). Second, sometimes after having installed the new Nvidia drivers and booting, once I reach the login screen, my mouse and keyboard aren't working. I have to unplug and replug them back in which struck me as very odd. I've never had to do that before this graphics card fiasco, which suggests that there is something electronically wrong with the GPU.

Now, I have an old GTX 670 lying around and whenever I plug that in and install the drivers, it works absolutely fine which makes me pretty sure that the 2080 is bad. But how come it was fine at first? That makes me worried that maybe my PSU caused the issue, but that doesn't seem to make sense since it works fine with the 670. I'm pretty convinced that the GPU is bad and I'm going to ask for a refund (got it from a seller that offers returns thankfully), but I wanted to hear some other opinions before I send it back.

What do you guys think? Is it definitely the GPU or could a faulty PSU or mobo cause these issues? Is it possible that the PSU isn't delivering enough power? The RM750x is a good PSU and I've never had problems with it before. Maybe it's dying?

I'm just worried that my PSU might have caused it to go bad. If I replace the card I don't want this to happen again. Sorry this was so long but let me know if you have any other questions.

Links to pics of the artifacts: View:
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Mar 26, 2020

i have simmilar problem with my 1080ti.

so lets start from scratch.
My pc specs:
  • amd 2700x
  • 16gb trident z
  • asus strix b450 f
  • corsair cm 750 psu
-gigabyte 1080ti
-samsung 970 evo nvme m.2
- seagate baracuda 2tb

So my pc was working without a problem for a year. After that i started using 2 monitor 1 with dp and one with hdmi connection. It worked fine at first but after a while green artifacts started to appear. And when they do the pc usually freezes totally up and reeboots. It got bad enough to where the pc didn’t even boot and the mobo showed a VGA failure. I did all the diagnostics I could i even put the gpu in another pc and the same issues occured. I think it is a gpu sag problem. When the gpu is out for a couple of days and i put it back in I get it to work for a day or two. I sent the gpu in as a warranty issue but they sent it back saying they found no faults.

recent changes were a monitor change and the installation of the seagate hdd. But it worked after both those changes for a while and it wouldn’t explain the same crashes after two days in a completly different pc. I have done a windows reinstall a DDU driver wipe, changed pcie slots everything. And the problem still occured after a day or two and got worse as time progressed.

i have no clue as to what other than the gpu might be the problem. If anyone has any idea i would be very happy to get your help.