Question Crashes and reboots a lot


May 28, 2018
So ive got a custom built rig that ive had for two years now. Just recently (about 3.5 months ago) it started to have issues where it would occassionally reboot with a blue screen or would just reboot randomly. Im not sure what is going on. It usually gives the error code Memory Management, however their is nothing reported to be wrong with my memory kit. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas that i could try to stop it from randomly crashing? It also does it when im trying to load into games such as Battlefield 5 or World of Tanks. I am starting to get annoyed by the constant reboots and im not sure whats going on.

Mb- asrock ab350m pro 4 updated to bios version 5.90
Processor- AMD 2400g not overclocked and on stock cooler (thermalpaste hasnt been changed since i put the cooler on)
Gpu- Gtx 1060 6gb (this guy seems to crash a lot with games weather i put it on the silent mode or gaming mode, im wondering if its not getting enough power)
Psu- 600w evga bronze
Storage- 120gb pny ssd, 1tb wd blue hdd
Memory- Corsair vengence lpx ddr4 3200 2x4 gb kit
4 thermaltake riing 12 white fans
thermaltake versa h18 tg edition case

If anyone has any ideas I really would appreciate the help, i want to be able to play games and not worry about it crashing randomly.