Question Crashes and system 32 .dll corruption help


Dec 28, 2015
I’ve been dealing with crashes and other weird startup issues for about a week and a half. I’ve reinstalled windows twice and reset once, wiped all my drives and ran Sfc and DISM. Nothing. I reinstalled windows three days ago and have checked sfc every day since then. First two no corruption, third day it found some and couldn't repair. I ran DISM and restarted now it’s black screen with a loading spinner and my mouse is moveable. I didn't have any problems before I foolishly opened my temp files in admin and not a program, and now (supposedly) because of that my computer is becoming unusable. Any help or guidance is appreciated because I’m lost and banking on some hardware issue at this point. I would add a cbs log if I could but those were of course on my computer. Thanks in advance if I personally forget to do so!


Win 10 Master
well, i could guess problem isn't software.
2 reinstalls in a week, You might need to clean install again to get into windows. I wouldn't suggest it but being in windows sure makes testing hardware easier.
I mean, you can use Ubuntu Live USB to test hardware -

Try running memtest86 on each of your ram sticks, one stick at a time, up to 4 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the corruption. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors.

Memtest is created as a bootable USB so that you don’t need windows to run it, just to make it.

I feel if it corrupts itself in 3 days, it might be either ram or a storage device. There are other things it could be but these are a good place to start.
Can't test OCZ ssd without windows, Might be able to check WD drive but I assume you don't run windows off it.