Crashing at Boot (anyone know a good boot restore tool?)

Feb 10, 2019
My computer is on windows 7 and gets to the part where the circles flatten out to make the windows logo and freezes, sometimes it will boot fine, i cant get into safe mode, and most of the time is freezes, ive narrowed it down to the os on that HDD because i put my windows 10 hdd in there and there is no problem, please help, i need that OS fixed

Math Geek

try this

still works for most win 7 keys though it has been refusing a copy to more and more people. it's the last official way to get a quality copy

you can also try this way to repair the start-up files

it's the hit f8 over and over again after it posts and then select the option to repair the pc. might work if you can't get a copy of win 7 to boot from.
Feb 12, 2019
Try booting into safe mode. To do that follow these steps,
  1. Turn on the computer
  2. Before it can boot up, turn it off
  3. It should say windows did not start up correctly
The option that is usually highlighted is start windows normally.

  1. Scroll up with the (arrow up) key until it highlights safe mode.
  2. Let it load into safe mode and uninstall any recent apps you might of installed from control panel.
If you did not install anything, go to the start menu and search up, "cmd", right click it and press (run as administrator).
Next, type the command "sfc /scannow" and let it run and get to 100% and reboot.
If that did not work you can try this,

  1. Turn on computer
  2. Before it can boot up, spam F8
  3. It should say Advanced Boot Options
  4. Select (repair your computer)
  5. Next select startup repair and let it run
  6. After it finished, reboot.
If that did not work, you might have to do a fresh install of windows with a instillation disk.