Question Crashing - Minidumps and Computer Specs included

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Aug 9, 2020
I'd like to report that the problem is fixed as far as I can tell.
I've done extensive testing to confirm this.
The computer hasn't crashed since November the 24th. (8 days)
Today just to make sure the problem was fixed, I restarted my computer 30 times in various ways. I reset, shutdown, and turned the switch off at the wall.
And I done some other tests as well and it booted 100% of the time.
(I suppose it's reasonable to question whether or not the problem has been fixed but, previous to this I was crashing 1-5 times a day, I think from that I can be very confident the problem has been fixed.)

As it turned out the Blizzard tech guy had the answer: clean boot.
He seemed very confident that he had the answer when he said: Never fear though I have an excellent idea of what's happening.
At first I didn't follow the instructions precisely and then I went back and followed them exactly. After I done that I didn't get any more crashes.
I've even got my beloved wifi adapter installed again!

So, I guess the credit goes to Tech Specialist Rainmithwen.
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