Crashing Problems on a Sapphire 2GB 6950


Oct 28, 2012
I've had this card for about a year now, and recently, about 2 months ago, I started to experience freezing problems when playing games. It wasn't game specific either, I'd be playing with smooth FPS and no errors, when suddenly the computer would experience a sudden crash that requires a reboot. It wasn't a problem because it only happened once or twice every month, now its starting to happen regularly. I believe it to be a problem with the video card, so I tried installing 12.10 catalyst drivers for the card, and it not only didn't help, but made it so that the clocks go down extremely low on the desktop, causing artifcating.

System is running in a CM HAF 922 and includes a AMD 955t, ASRock Deluxe 4 890FX, 8GB of Ripjaws and a 620Watt PSU. After the crash occurs there are no error messages, I have to reboot, and it asks me if I want to start in safe mode or not, and I choose no, but otherwise no errors. It seems to be a graphics card, possibly related to heat, when these crashes started, I noticed that the card was idling at 45, instead of its usual 30ish. Could this be a heat related problem, or something not even involving the GPU at all. I'd like some help.

PS. If anyone knows how to fix the clock problem on 12.10, that's be great.

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