Crazy CRAZZZZY Networking issue.


Nov 28, 2012
So I just got back from a clients. His original issue was the printer wouldn't work, that's been fixed, but stumbling through that I experienced this.

Okay he's with AT&T and well, their stand private IP is, but his default gateway was showing up as, no big deal right? I mean it could have been in bridged mode with a store bought router. Upon browsing I am welcomed by .....a ..Netgear console? I look down at their router, it's a 2wire.

Then entering the twilight zone, I look through the wireless settings, it's not their SSID, password, this not their router I'm logged into.

I rub my eyes and look throught he wireless network list, I'm connected to what the SSID tells me ...2wire221, not the GBohar I'm logged into(which by the way I could see everything, thier password and public IP). So I flush the wireless history. Power cycle the router. Reconnect to 2wire221 on the list, ipconfig ..... AGAIN!!! I'm STILL ...STILL browsing to GBohar. I switch off the wireless, hardwire INTO the router ...GBohar!!!!! STILL. I'm freaking out at this point and route the 4 cables to the devices they're all going into, a vonage box, slingbox, cisco wireless waypoint, and one going no where.

I restart the laptop, for a brief moment is still being given out to the laptop, even after a release/renew ...then after ANOTHER release/renew the default AT&T IP is given out and I'm now able to get back and browse into the 2wire and CONNECT to the 2wire through the correct SSID.

Mind you this was at the house of two very very elderly people that had no idea where what was where and how things even got there. I'm wondering in a low heat(income) community is their network compromised or was this just a crazy fluke in the wireless connections between them and their neighbor?


It doesn't sound like a fluke, it sounds like a neighbor hijacked their network and set up their router in as an AP running off his Netgear router. Did you follow that 4th Ethernet cable going to nowhere, or was their router in a bridge mode? Sounds very suspicious.