Crazy HD4870 Cooling Idea


Jun 28, 2009
OK so here's the plan. Get an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev2 and attach it to the HD4870. Now, this is a passive cooler but I'm thinking that with a bit of handy work inside my case, I could direct one of my silent high performance fans (Noctua) onto the cooling fins, controlled by a fan controller.

So when I'm just on the internet and the card frequencies are low, I should think that this will do an OK job of keeping it cool without the need for a fan (to therefore make it silent) but when things get tough in games, I can turn it up for good cooling.

What do you guys think? Has anyone got a similar 'passive' setup on the HD4870?


PS. As you can tell, I'm a man of silence rather than performance!