Discussion Crazy Idea I want to work


Jul 18, 2018
I live in Sri Lanka where high temperatures and higher humidity make cooling extra hard, I already have a h100i pro with 4 fans (push-pull) and my i5-7600k still sits around 80-85°C under load. (It revs all the fans up to maintain this btw) I want a quieter solution. My idea is to build a custom loop with the radiator outside the case and submerged in water, I'd keep topping off this water with ice cubes. Would this work? Anything I'd need to be aware of before starting the project? Anyone have experience with something similar?
It can work. You're going to have some trade offs though. You will need a larger pump(probably noisy) to move the coolant through the extra tubing. As well as a pump in the bucket the radiator is submerged in to circulate the water in there.

Check out jayztwocents and gamersnexus on YouTube. They run a setup like this for there overclocking challenges.

Imo, a well built custom loop inside the case, should be adequate.
Are you sure there isn't anything else you could do to reduce temps? Have you verified that the AIO cooler is mounted properly to the CPU and that thermal paste is properly applied? And of course, that the pump is actually working correctly?

If your 7600K is overclocked, it might also be worth stepping back the overclock slightly, or reducing voltage a bit to reduce the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated.