Question Crazy monitor issues. Don't know where to start.

Apr 16, 2020
Ok guys, this is my first post. Normally I can find solutions to my questions, but I am at a loss. The monitor in question is a Samsung 144hz gaming monitor. Model: C27FG73FQN and here is the list of issue

Background: I got a new 32in 144hz 2k monitor for my main rig. I have another computer for my kids. It is a nice computer with a 1070 TI. It works perfectly fine, and I have no issues with the other monitor it has been using (basic Samsung 25 @60 Hz). That monitor was connected through HDMI. When I set up the new monitor, it has a ton of issues. Listed here

  1. The power button on the back that also is used for the menu is non-responsive. You press the button to bring up the menu and the button acts like a joystick to select the options. When I click the button, it brings up info about the computer (refresh rate, response, etc) Nothing I can interact with. If I continue to press it and wiggle it with frustration, eventually it brings up the normal menu... then it does nothing. i cant choose any of the options. I can only close the menu again.
  2. This means I can not turn off the computer the normal way. For some reason, it turns off if I just push down instead of pressing the button. (this is not how it is supposed to work.
  3. I can not get into the settings because of the button issue.
  4. When the screen is on, it does not automatically select the input. I turn the computer on and it just sits there on black. The screen is obviously on (it has that blank illuminated screen thing going on) but it does not give an image. It does this with every input. HDMI and DP. Reminder, I can not use the button on the back to change the input because the button does not work. BUT it does identify it if I unplug the cord then plug it back in.
  5. I unplugged everything and set it up with my main rig again and all of the problems disappear. What the literal freak man!? lol. The old monitor has no problems with the kid's computer but this one has MPD.
I have no idea what to other than toss the monitor and just let the kids keep using the older one. I'm not even comfortable selling it.

Please help lol.