Question Crazy wireless second monitor idea

Apr 5, 2020
So I recently had an insane idea to take apart an old laptop to harvest the screen for a second display. However, I wanted this display to e completely wireless. I have ordered a LCD controller for the screen, a battery pack to provide power, and I am looking for a way to send either a HDMI or VGA signal to it wirelessly.
There are some wireless HDMI options but are all like $200 and I was hoping for a cheaper option.
Does anyone know a way to get a VGA wireless signal? Or a cheaper way to send a HDMI signal.
The way I am imagining it is like this
KEY : [---- cable] [= = = wireless signal]
Monitor1---PC----HDMI tranmitter= = = HDMI reciever----Monitor2
Hope this makes sense... I am a bit of a newcomer to PC building and have NO idea how to solve this issue!

Thanks in advance :)