Crc error in laptop drive


Jun 9, 2012

My Laptop drive has three partitions. I have detached from the laptop and attached to another laptop as an external drive. It is detected but showing only ONE drive.. and am it is not letting me to inside the drive... by throwing an error saying as format the drive.

I tried in another way through the command line also but in vain. It is throwing an error saying that Cyclic Redundancy Error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am looking forward for a solution.

Sounds like you need to get the drive repaired if you hope to get any data out of it, which can get pretty expensive. You can try to boot off a Linux live disk and run a check disk utility on it, but chances are it won't fix anything.

You may be able to fix it with a system board swap, look for a replacement online, for your exact drive model.