Create partition


Jul 12, 2009
Hi guys I must ask you something
Ok so I have Windows Vista Home Premium and I want to dual-boot with Win7 ... I have been trying to create a partition for win7 with the In-Vista software by shrinking my main partition (150 GB free space ) but it will only allow me to shrink by 7 GB ... now I have tried and re-tried to increase that amout by cancelling paging files , temp files , I have deffragged it 2 times today once with Win software and then with perfectdisk 10 ,turned off "hybernation" and other sutff .. so I was wondering are there any programs I can use that won't damage my PC that can create a partition ?


A lot have had success with Gparted (free), but you should backup anything you don't want to loose whenever making major changes.
Why not use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor;
to check for any compatability issues, then just upgrade, it's very stable.
I have been using it from the beta release, RC and now the retail version without any hassles even with the beta.