Create USB installation media for XP Home Premium


Sep 5, 2016
Hello there,

So I have this laptop from 2004 (or 2002 im not sure) and i was trying to install Windows XP on it yesterday, it would always crash on setup and i thought it was a Hard Drive issue until i swapped the CD Drive module with a Floppy Drive one and booted to a Windows 98 boot disk, i used fdisk to create a primary dos partition and then formatted the drive, it was successful so the hard drive isn't bad after all, i also run a surface test just to be safe and no bad sectors which confirms it

So the CD Drive has to be at fault here, because i tried it again and now it doesn't even boot to the CD anymore so i have no choice but to install XP from a USB drive, thankfully the laptop has USB booting capabilities but here is the problem, for whatever reason you can't create a bootable XP setup flash drive by normal means, i remember i had to install XP from a USB 3 years ago and i used a different tool to create the bootable media, i can't remember which one though, the XP setup wouldn't boot until i used that special tool, i tried Rufus anyway and just like i expected... it doesn't boot, i just get a blinking cursor, for future reference, the ISO is fine, it works and boots fine on VMWare

So anybody know what that tool might be?

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