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Creating a MBR


Jan 6, 2012
My original setup was Windows 7 installed on a Corsair Force GT 64gb SSD with a 500gb Barracuda storage drive. I had a few more things I wanted to install on my SSD but I was pretty pressed for space with the OS already there so I purchased a second identical 64gb Force GT drive and set them up in raid 0. I reinstalled Windows on the SSD's in raid and then started reinstalling all of my other stuff.

As I got further into reinstalling all of my crap, I realized my 500gb storage drive was no where to be found. So I looked around a bit and in disk management and there it was. I figured it just needed to be formatted, which I had already done at the Windows install screen. So I attempted to format it again and I got "Windows cannot delete active system partition on this disk" error.

I removed the disk and was going to take it to my other computer and see if I could format it there. I turned on my main system (the one that I removed the disk from) and it wouldn't boot into Windows... it asked me to insert the Windows cd or other boot media. After doing some more research, it appears when I installed Windows it installed the MBR on my storage drive instead of everything on the SSD's and is trying to boot off my storage drive then my SSD's which would explain why my boot times got slower after I installed Windows on the raid array.

A proposed solution I read was to unplug all drives except the ones I want it to boot from and boot from the windows cd. From there, it suggested to run a system repair and it would recognize that there was no MBR and automatically create one. I tried this several times to no avail. At this point I'm looking for another solution. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I would remove the regular hard drive and then do a reload of the OS on the raided SSDs. How can you instasll the MBR on another drive , it's not even an option when loading or installing Windows.

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