Question Creating Install scripts for Windows 10 ?


Jul 11, 2015
I am not sure if this is the correct forum, But I need some help.

In my occupation within the lumber industry, we ship afew standard PCs to our customers containing afew of our own softwares and settings.
They are almost always the same and just tedious to configure.

So i was thinking about making a baseinstall script.

It will change the PC name, change the IPs/Networkcard name,
Set the ODBC strings and create folders in C:/ and put some of our software there and change the wallpaper, also installing VNC or Teamviewer.

I do not know where to start or what to search for.

Can someone direct me to a simpleton guide? Or the right forum for this?

Thank you!


Powershell - cmdlets and then later scripts.

For example:

You can use "Get" cmdlets to learn current configuration settings. Then use "Set" to change.

Power can install applications. TeamViewer example:

Start by making a careful list of the required changes and customizations.

Then focus on the necessary cmdlet (or script) if necessary to accomplish each required change and customization - one by one.

Eventually you may be able to combine them all into a script that will automate the process and perhaps prompt you for input as the script runs.

Some, such as wallpaper, may need a function:

Another option - Provisioning Packages:

= = = =

Either way it is going to take considerable effort and planning to get the automation process established.

Start simple and go change by change on your requirements list. Some items will be very straight forward.

Others will be more involved and will likely take more effort to implement/automate.
Couple of threads ago, someone asked about virtually the same - how to replicate a Windows setup (applications, settings, etc) across "similar" computers.