Creating LCD Projector and need permanent cooling


Apr 8, 2005
Hey. I’m creating the LCD projector which is listed in the how-to section:

I have the LCD all taken apart, I ordered my projector; all I need now is to create a permanent source of cooling between the LCD screen and the overhead projector stage glass. On page 7 of the how-to on how to make the projector they talk about permanent cooling with an 80mm fan and an ATX power unit. I grabbed a spare 80mm fan I had laying around and a PSU I had in a spare comp. Now both work properly in a computer but when I just have the PSU not plugged into anything but the fan the PSU will not operate and the fan will not go on. I know it is getting power b/c when I unplug the PSU I can hear the quiet power off sound you get when unplugging a computer. Am I missing something? I tried 2 other PSU’s and I get the same result.
___permanent cooling in how-to link___


Former Staff
You're using a computer power supply? Is it ATX? If so, you need to ground the green wire to turn on the power. The switch on the back simply connects/disconnects the power cable from the circuit board, the green wire is what the motherboard uses to power the system up and shut it down.

If you have an even older AT power supply, most had power protection that wouldn't allow them to power up unless they were connected to a motherboard.

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