Dec 14, 2009

Not sure if this is the right category to put it in, if not, please move it to a more relevant section.

I'm overseas and want to watch certain TV show (whether live or from online archive) that is geo-restricted to Slovak territory. I'm aware of certain paid solutions, but they only offer masking of other countries, not Slovakia.

Back home in Slovakia, I do have a spare computer, that I can switch on/off with Teamviewer, got own web (domain + web space + unlimited traffic) if that helps and the internet connection is quite decent both sides (50mbps/5mbps in Slovakia and 120mbps/10mbps abroad) that can handle the video transmission.

What I want: to somehow connect to the computer in Slovakia, so I can watch those shows even abroad.

In pure theory, I can manage to watch them through Teamviewer itself, but I was wondering if there's any more elegant solution.

Can you give me some advice on how to do this? I usually used proxy server with Slovak IP, but that is quite slow and not really reliable. It won't be anything running 24/7, we're talking about 2-3 hours a week, when I would switch on the PC, watch the show and switch it off.)