Question Creative Cinema 6 says "No recognised devices found" ?

Nov 26, 2021
Firstly, I had the same issue as this topic:
Question - Headphones and Speakers not showing up seperately under playback devices | Tom's Hardware Forum (

BUT, all my other laptops, the previous 4 to this one, have ALL allowed me to separate phones/external speaker and internal laptop speakers.
This is why it was so odd to me. The Realtek audio manager does show the headphone socket as populated when I plug something in to the output, it's just that windows recognizes it all as one device along with the internal speakers. So this must actually be a Tongfang thing.. Asus, Gigabyte, etc all show it as headphones or external whatever when you plug something in, and allow you to set separate volume levels, effects etc for the internal speaker and external speaker/phones. So it's weird when I have my external plugged in and effects disabled, at say 50% volume, then unplug it and can't hear the internal speakers as they are so soft and I have to go in and activate enhancements again. Manually, every time. Sigh. Anyone know away around it?

I wanted to fine tune the sound for the internal speakers as they are poor quality, so I disconnected my external powered speaker and opened up sound blaster cinema 6 which was pre installed on the laptop. I started realising it was doing nothing, no EQ or any other setting like volume matching, and I realised I needed to re enable audio enhancements in the windows properties under the advanced tab. Then suddenly the soundblaster worked, and I realised why I was getting so much louder audio when enhancements was on (I have to turn it off for external sources because even a youtube video on 5% is too loud and sounds poor IMO).

Anyway, windows update was doing some updates in the background, I let it restart, it said I was up to date.. My computer no longer had sound. At all. Not from internal speaker or external. So I went to sound settings and had no idea what it was but saw something called "Realtek stereo mix", I enabled it and presto, sound was back! I was just curious so then disabled it and through a few reboots for testing, sound has never disappeared again. So there was the first sign of weirdness.
I still don't even know what Realtek stereo mix IS lol - and my day job is as an audio producer! (Professional interfaces are much easier to use believe it or not).

I started mucking about with creative cinema again, and noticed it had a little icon for speaker or headphones. I presumed this meant to choose between internal speakers and the headphone port. And this is where the mass confusion started for me.
If I chose headphones in cinema 6, then speaker in cinema 6, the sound would always come out of the internal speakers but would sound totally different between the two, like the external and the internal are not seen as different things. It literally completely altered the sound between those two settings, even if an external device was not connected and only the internal speaker was being used. I have no idea which is "correct" and if the sound is being coloured as I don't know the sound print of the speakers to begin with, so I could have a reference. I actually don't know if it's done something permanent here...


Now, the sound blaster doesn't work at all, says there is no compatible hardware. I have uninstalled the front end windows store app for it and re installed and nup, it simply will not work and offers no controls anymore. Nada.
I have no idea if it has permanently altered the sound/coloured it before it stopped working. But I HAVE disabled all audio enhancements for now.
Funny thing, side note: enhancements in windows settings does nothing now whether enabled or disabled and volume stays exactly the same.
SO confused.

So I ask, does anyone know how to get that working again
This is the support page for my laptop
Infinity Notebook Drivers (
And the very top link is my model which takes you to a mega NZ page. I installed the Creative drivers presented there which seems to have done nothing, and furthermore, there is absolutely no way I can see to uninstall them either!
Maybe there is some sort of uninstall utility to allow me to clear my device of all creative drivers and then start again and maybe I can get it working?

The other thing is, I really don't know if windows not being able to separate headphones from internal speakers is normal. I mean if I uninstall the Realtek driver and let the Microsoft audio driver take over, it DOES have that feature!

Sorry for the long read, I just felt I needed to explain it clearly and I have done the best I possibly can. I am hoping beyond hope there is no hardware fault here, as this laptop is one day old, I saved for a year for it, and I was lucky to get one with barely any light bleed and an absolute killer thermal result.. 12800 in Timespy on a laptop! Beast mode!
Thanks very much in advance.