Question Creative T15W (Wireless) Keeps Not Producing Audio whilst still connected to PC


Mar 29, 2022
Hi I have a pair of Creative T15W (link here) plugged in via Aux/3.5mm however the speakers only partially work. They can output audio however if i stop listening to audio then start listening to audio on another app/program the audio doesn't output unless I unplug then plug the Aux/3.5mm jack back in. This is pretty annoying since I use multiple programs on my PC daily and the only solution which I have found is restarting the Windows Audio Graph Isolation service in Task Manager (which I'm not sure how healthy it is to keep End Tasking the Audio Graph Isolation service multiple times).
As far as I'm aware Creative don't provide Drivers for My speakers online and even if they did I am not sure how to install drivers to speakers (if I should use something like device manager or something else).
I have tried using different Aux/3,5mm audio jack connectors with my speakers which changes nothing. The same thing still happens.
The speakers do have bluetooth support however I tend to use Bluetooth with other devices so I am not sure if that is an option.
The Bluetooth version on my PC is LMP 10.256 (link here)


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Take a close look at the motherboard's User Guide/Manual and the audio ports that are present. Motherboard and case. There may be some error of omission or commission with respect to the physical audio ports and how they are configured.

You mentioned "multiple programs". What programs do you use? Do any of those programs have some configuration option(s) regarding audio - maybe some default setting that is not at it should be?

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Right-click the small speaker icon normally located in the lower right screen corner.

The right-click will open an Audio related window with multiple choices for audio configurations and options.

Try the troubleshooters first. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Failing that then work through the other menu choices including windows, tabs, properties, etc..

Look first without changing anything. Make notes about any current configuration setting or option which is not expected or as it should be.

Then directly investigate that setting or option further.