Creative X-Fi Platinum vs. Elite-Pro


Dec 3, 2005
1.) What's the difference in quality between: Creative X-Fi Platinum and X-Fi Elite Pro?
2.) I'm considering one of these for surround/excellent quality/listen to music/ play DVD's, High-end games. Also, for being able to control my 5.1 speakers (turning up the rear, since i can't hear them). I got Realtek ALC650 and Logitech 5.1 X-530 speakers.
3.) I already have my own recording software/sound card for recording my music, so no need for mic plugins and all that that comes with the Elite-Pro...
4.) Is there another you recommend for my usage?

Thanks, get back whenever you got the time. The sooner the better. take care all. -peace


Dec 6, 2005
The DACs on the Elite pro are better. They are considered pro level. The elite pro also has the 64 mb of xram. It has some creation apps to.

You already have the creation apps and hardware. So, the elite pro will be duplicating some of what you have.

Also, all of the xfi cards can control your 5.1 speakers in software. If you want dial contols for each section, you may have to go to a AV receiver.


Nov 16, 2005
If you have another pro card that you intend to run in tandem for all the inputs I'd say for for Xtreme Music.

However Elite Pro (and one step down from it Fatal1ty) have extra onboard RAM that is used by some latest games. It gives 128 simultanous voice support that matters in games like BF2. Another title that uses this technology is Quake 4. So in short X-RAM makes an audible difference and resolves any gaming-audio bottlenecks with somplex sound.

I hate it when you set all to max and then it lags or pops. But this X-RAM decreases PCI traffic by storing samples in this extra cache so it seems to be a good thing. If you are not on tight budget, go for it. I got Fatal1ty and have no problem with sound since then. Maybe Xtreme Music would do the same job, I do not know, I picked the best one to be on the safe side. Good Luck!