Question Critical Process Died and Select A Proper Boot Device

The Hero of Orlais

Jun 26, 2017
Can anyone help me with that? The first time I got the Blue Screen is when I start a game, the second time is when I'm in the game (just after the first one), the third, and forth one is when I run Error Checking to one of the drive (both are the same drive, before I run error checks on another drive, but works perfectly), but the third time I run it, it works perfectly, and one time when I watch youtube, it have a temporary hang (where the audio is like looping), but then working just fine after that, I've run stress test for my CPU, Graphic Card, and RAM, so it could not be that right?

And also, after I got the blue screen, there's a message saying I should select a proper boot device, but its not showing again if I restart it through my case button, thanks for the help, have a nice day.