Question Critique/Help ultimate build

Dec 9, 2019
I've wanted to do an ultimate build for awhile and am now in a position where it is possible. I havn't built a new computer for a few years so any help/advice/critique offered would be awesome. The goal of this build will be to have the most ridiculous gaming/streaming PC available, running everything 4k resolution 144hz+ and being able to stream.

Case: Thermaltake 900
Processor: 9900k
GPU: 2080ti x2
PSU: P2 1200 EVGA
SSD: Samsung Evo Plus 1tb
Ram: 8x4 3200 DDR4
MOBO: MSI MPG 390 Carbon

I also want to have it water cooled but I have never done a water cooling build. Even after watching a few videos it feels a little overwhelming. Any advice on that part would be super welcome.

Thanks bros,


Water cooling takes a lot of planning and forethought, and for your parts list, probably close to $500 on its own, just to start.

CPU block and GPU blocks pretty straight forward. Get ones for the right CPU socket and for your specific GPUs (or get founder's edition GPUs or equivalent reference boards, might save a few hundred overall, and be a negligble performance difference) (You can also opt for a motherboard full coverage block)

Radiators, rule of thumb is to have 120mm radiator space per component. However, you have gone for some beefy models, so lets increase that a bit. I would say two 360mm or a thick 480mm or the like would do. With that chassis, there are way to many options to consider, you will have to think about how you want to do that, or consider a simpler case.

You will need a pump and reservoir, or the more commonly available pump/reservoir combo. Pretty easy to pick up a DDC or D5 based pump, the two popular high end choices. Eliminates most worries about head pressure and flow restrictions.

Soft tubing or hard tubing will determine the type of fittings you will want to look at. Ideally it is best to buy the CPU and GPU blocks and have them in place as you plan, and even the tube(soft), then purchase fittings. Either you will run into hard tubing bends that are too complex and a few fittings will simplify your bends, or you will have bends too tight for the soft tubing to make without kinking. Another reason to buy tubing first, rough out the length of reach run and see how it bends naturally.

Hard tubing takes a lot of patience, order extra, you will make mistakes on your first try.

My recommendation is always distilled water with a kills coil (silver) and a light biocide additive for a little extra assurance. You will have to do research if you want colored fluids or premixed coolants.

And that is just the basic things you might want to consider. For more specific details and other topics, check out the Tomshardware Watercooling Sticky.

And of course, when you are leak testing, make sure the system is not powered and you are only supplying power to the pump for filling.