Critique My Gaming Rig


Sep 21, 2010
Hey Guys :hello:

BUDGET:$2000-$3000 CAD

Here's my Prebuild:

CPU: Intel i7 2600K (OR SB-E LGA 2011 mid-range model fully unlocked $400-600?)
MOBO: Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z (OR Maximus IV GENE-Z)
GPU: Msi N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition
RAM: *NoOb!!! Would like to get MAX MEMORY SIZE (32GB) as RAM is in overabundance
SSD: Intel 510 120GB
HDD: WD Velociraptor 150GB WD1500HLHX ( single platter=short-stroked
PSU: Seasonic (unsure about Wattage req.)
ODD: LG CH12LS28 Blu/DVD combo drive
KEYB: Steelseries 7G
MOUSE: Logitech G9x Laser
CASE: Silverstone Fortress FTO2B
CPU COOLER: Thermalright Silver Arrow
MONITOR: Hazro HZ27WA (review 2560x1440 native res.

As you can see I need help on selecting correct RAM, as Intel recommends only DDR3-1333 memory types. :pt1cable: CAS Latency 6=faster?
Also regarding HDD's, does form factor matter 2.5 VS 3.5 (heat,speed,noise) and I may consider RAID 0 vs RAID 1 configs.
I only want to OC the CPU and GPU.
SLI is future (if not happy with current performance)
Any compatibility issues,regarding my component selection?

PS. PC Priority is GAMING (FPS,RPG/MMO,ACTION) followed by MEDIA, lastly WEB BROWSING etc.

Sorry for asking so many questions in one post,but this build in important to I only upgrade every 5 years or so.


have you done any research on these parts?

1) if you're going to spend $200 on a case you damn sure better get way more features than that! At least a full tower with some cable management built in and some good cooling stuff.
2)Raid 0 will offer you little performance boost in the real world... if you want speed on certain apps or OS, stick to SSD. Also you listed a 150gb raptor and 120gb SSD as your storage... thats all the space you need? you should at least get a samsung f3 1tb for general storage!

Maximus IV Gene-Z LGA will provide more than enough features for what you need, even if you do add another 580 in a year or two.

3)16gb is well beyond what you could ever use! - you definately want DDR3 2000 since you're already spending so much on your system. the speed of RAM ability is more related to mobo than processor. i can 99% guarantee you that you dont even touch all of 8gb, even when gaming and multitasking

4) Power supply... you want 1000watt if you plan on adding another 580 in the future. if you want to buy a supply just for now, 700 will saffice


Sep 21, 2010

Yes I have researched all these components...Here's a review on the Case

As for storage space, I plan on using external HDD's for the bulk of my "stash" heh,he,ha.

Regarding the MOBO;as I am new to OCing,wouldn't the Extreme version be more suitable as a starting point.

:eek: RAM is really hard to understand all the intricacies of such a little component :cry: Why would Intel only recommend specific memory types 1066-1333 for their CPU?

Furthermore on RAM,with prices at an all-time low why not install the Maximum amount supported...32GB,or are no dual channel kits available in that size. eg (2x16GB ram sticks) NeWb :kaola:


32gb of RAM would just be downright future-proofing. 16gb of RAM is too much. A gaming PC will barely use 4gb. I'd go with 8gb because memory is cheap at the moment. a (2x4gb) kit would do just fine. You'll make use of 8gb of ram if you like to open a lot of webpages and run multiple apps. Having a faster speed will help just a little bit.

There are RAM speeds of 1866mhz, 1600mhz, 1333mhz, etc. You won't see a big performance difference between any of them. The higher speed RAM is better suited for overclockers. Processors are optimized to run with RAM at a certain speed. Any more than that certain speed and you won't see much of a performance benefit.

The upcoming Bulldozer processors are optimized to DDR3-1866 ram. If you went with DDR3-2133 RAm you wouldn't see a benefit.

I'd like to see where you can find a 4x8gb kit of RAM. I've have yet to see any 8gb sticks for the desktop. END QUOTE

I agree on PSU comment,plus I heard Seasonic make really efficient units...especially the GOLD/PLATINUM PLUS certified ones.

Thanks for your input lowriderflow :bounce: Togan