Question Cross Flash 3080 Referance

Jan 20, 2022
I just got a 3080 that I pulled from an HP Omen computer and just began to water-cool it with dual 360 radiators, after finishing the build I went to go and overclock the 3080 and found that the power limit was locked to the stock 320w and there is no boost to 370w like the reference card and there using MSI afterburner the auto overclocking feature fails every attempt and manually overclocking it causes it to lose performance in benchmarks.

So to fix this issue I wanted to Cross Flash a new bios from a different manufacturer onto this card, but I'm not completely sure which bios to use and if this would even work, the Omen 3080 is a stock reference card and fits a normal reference water block with no modifications, so in theory, it should work right?

I have experience with flashing GPU BIOSes before but never cross flashing one, so I just wanted to ask some people which bios to use since this isn't a dual bios card I don't want to brick the new card. I have been looking through the different bios' for the 3080 and I still don't see any differences on so I feel like there isn't anything that could go wrong with it, please tell me if I'm missing something

Also, the Bandwidth of the card is 8gb/s faster which I think is a little odd View:
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