Question Crossfire and SLI - EVER worth it?


Apr 7, 2009
Simple question, want a simple answer. Is Crossfire or SLI ever worth it?

I'm guessing MAYBE if you have an unlimited budget. Most of my research says NO.

OK, I want a little more COMPLEX answer. I know everyone designs products with features that 99% of users will NEVER use just so they have bragging rights and can charge more. Goes for everything from graphics cards to smartphones to bottled tap water. Hell, even toilet paper and printer paper get into the act. So soft you have to use more because your finger pokes through it and 96 brightness, why?

Are there ANY cost-effective uses for Crossfire/SLI that even 20% of users on a budget can benefit from?

At what point in the graphics card hierarchy does this feature make ANY sense?

Right now you can buy 2 RX480 4GB cards for $212. Those are a generation or two back. Is there ANY reason to buy two and use them in Crossfire?
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It's only worth considering if your performance needs are beyond what a single GPU can do. Don't ever consider it with mid ranged or lower cards. It's just not worth it. The way support has been lately, I question whether you should ever consider it, but definitely do not do it with mid ranged cards.
^+1, only time it could make sense is if you already have the best card on the market and want more performance (although you're already in 'more money than sense' territory at that point IMO). Or maybe if you're looking to get better performance in current game(s) that you play a lot that you know have good multi GPU support, and can get a good deal on a 2nd card.

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