Crossfire Confusion!


Aug 15, 2012
I just bought a new Dell st2220l LED 1080p monitor and plugged it into my gaming setup which has 2 HD7770's in crossfire. So after plugging in everything CCC shows that crossfire is enabled and I had an option to disable it but I left in enabled. "

Then I left my computer in standby/sleep/hibernation mode for 2 days, later, on waking it up I see my Resolution down to 1024 X768 where as I had set it up to 1920X1080 later when I checked my CCC, it shows CF as disabled and I am unable to select the enable option, below the following message is displayed:-

"AMD crossfire supports only the RGB color space, which is not supported by the current display(most likely TV or component video). Make sure you use a display that supports the RGB color space( for example CRT,DFP or LCD)."

then later when I checked the CF status through GPU-Z it shows Crossfire enabled(2 GPU's).

This really makes no sense, anyone would like to shed some light on this topic and help me get around this problem?