Crossfire disables video adapter/controler compatibility

Hi, i got:

Asus Rampage Formula
Q6600 stock (noob at oc, no point in doing it while things go well) with not 2 good water cooling
4GB RAM Corsair DHX PC6400
2 4850 Raedons in Crossfire with aftermarket cooling (DuOrbs all copper)
X-fi titanium Bulk
around 14 fans (active cooling for SB NB)
3hdds 1 samsung spinpoint 500gb,2 raid0 750gb samsung spinpoints.
thermaltake thoguhtpower 700W PSU.

My problem came suddenly while my CPU was OCed by software to a mere 3ghz.
Simply after some time working well i got the messege that i should configure if i want crossfireX or not, and when i did, after a screen flash i got the messege that a video adapter controler has been disabled, and i see the option of crossfireX selected but in gray.

Now i checked it with HWMonitor and if i dont sellect crossfire, i get both gpus identified, but after the crossfire bug i get asian characters and crazy number -123151535 in temperature.
Also in CCC i got only 1 gpu that i can select in the ati overdrive section.

I got CCC 9.3, anyone can help?


Aug 17, 2008
why do I get the feeling that powersupply isnt enough...I used to have that same powersupply tried crossfire and my second card punched me :D :pt1cable:

that aside what BIOS have you got? on that rampage?